Office Equipment

The Klett Ingenieur GmbH works with the newest devices and software to support the process of planning.

Our tools are constantly being updated to guarantee a first class and efficient planning to satisfy our clients. Of course, every desk is equipped with a PC or a laptop providing the newest software like Windows 7/8, MS Office.  


Down below, you can find a list of the most important technical tools regarding our office equipment:

Budgeting/ Cost Control


  • Plakoda
  • ORCA
  • TGA-KO



  • Visio
  • AutoCAD Auto Desk/Design Review
  • MS Power Point



  • ORCA with STLB


  • GAEB-DA/XML , 3.1

Office Communication

Communication Systems:

  • Central Project Database
  • Video Conference System
  • NetMeeting



  • 8 HP A0-Plotters
  • 2 A0-Scanners
  • Various A4-Scanners
  • Ca. 25 Color Printers

Date Control


  • MS Project

Calculating Software

Electro-Technics/Lighting Technology:

  • Dialux (software for dimensioning light installations)
  • Relux (software for calculating lighting plans)
  • Trilux (lighting solutions)
  • Calculating Optimal Placement of Substations
  • Calculation of Cross-Sectional Areas of Wires
  • Simaris-Power System Protection/ Calculating Circuit Breakers/ Discriminative Tripping


Ventilation Technology

  • Calculation of Pipe Pressure Drop
  • Pipe Measurement
  • Calculation of Ventilated Ceilings in Kitchens and Larg-Scale Establishments


Heating Technology:

  • Calculation of Heating Load
  • Calculation of Line Networks
  • Program for Dimensioning Heating Devices


Sanitary Engineering:

  • Program for Calculating Drinking Water Systems
  • Program for Calculating Circulation
  • Simulation Program for Calculating Drinking Water Systems


Air-Conditioning Technology:

  • Program for Calculating Cooling Load


Simulation Technology:

  • IDA/ICE Dynamic Building Simulations for Room Temperature and Energy Demand
  • Solarcomputer


Process Measuring and Control Technology Planning:

  • Tric


Producer-Specific Programs for Dimensioning/Laying:

  • BSK (Organization for Heavy Loads and Crane Jobs)
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Mufflers
  • Distributors
  • MAG (Metal-Active-Gas Method)



  • 21 Work Stations


Software: for Planning, Constructing and Documenting Building Technology Systems

  • AutoCAD – with the Following Tools for 3D-Constructions and Calculations:
    • MEP
    • Pitcup
    • CATS
  • Microstation - with Tools for
    • TriCAD
    • VectorWorks



  • DWG
  • DGN
  • DXF
  • PLT