One of the greatest challenges our team has to deal with lies in solving all technical problems of those buildings whose complexity and basic conditions have changed significantly. This is the reason why using simulations in order to support technical calculations has become indispensable.

When it comes to integrated planning, we use a simulation software for dynamic building simulations in order to calculate thermal conditions and the energy use of designed options. Therefore, we can provide the best solutions for our clients.

Thermal Building Simulation

Predictions of thermal activity are the basis of our constructors’ economic decisions. By using various simulation tools, we are capable of predicting thermal activities that have different kinds of underlying technical concepts. For that reason, these simulations are the basis of our constructors’ economic decisions, taking into consideration that we are aiming at standards of comfort and convenience by the help of our plans.

Calculating Annual Energy Use Of Buildings And Facilities

User costs of a building make 80% of the overall costs, whereas prime costs only make 20%. Due to the rise of energy prices, energy costs sum up to 50% of all user costs.
Decisions can only be made by taking into account that energy costs related to the systems of building services have to be predictable and calculated.

In order to calculate energy costs, we use a simulation tool with which we can display all intended technical facilities and devices. At the same time, we are able to calculate the annual energy use by dynamic building simulations considereing utilization profiles with free adjustable parameters. Extensive graphic analyses allow for an identification of cost drivers and for an improvement of all systems needed.