Wilhelma Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden gets a new compound for African great apes.


Client / Building Owner Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Amt Stuttgart / Mr. Haile
Architect Mr. Mittmann
Time of performance / construction period 2007 - 2013
Phases of Construction LP1 - LP8
GFA 10.800 m²
Project Details

The Wilhelma Zoo, located in Stuttgart/Bad-Canstatt, gets a new compound for African great apes. The construction of the new compound is based on funds raised by the association found by the Wilhelma and by the “Center for European Economic Research”.

Within a total area of 1 hectare, diverse inside and outside compounds that mimic the nature were built. The inside compound is equipped with a merry-go-round, hammocks, and climbing bars and offers a space for visitors with an area of 500m2. The outside area is planted with trees, bushes, rocks, little creeks and a swampy ground. The walls of the compound allow for broadcasting movies in order to entertain the monkeys.

Electro-technical plans included:

  • Heavy Current:
    The 10 kV medium voltage power line fed by the EnBW guarantees the power supply of the new building. The connection is managed by a substation having a MV and LV switchboard and a transformer. Emergency power comes from an emergency generator managing 2500kVA. Four sub-distributors supply the building. The visitors’ space is lighted by downlights.

  • Telecommunications:
    The control room is equipped with a main distribution frame for telecommunications in order to receive and transmit the data. The connection of the new construction to the existing buildings is managed by an optical fiber.