Extension Of The Detention Center, Heinsberg

The Heinsberg Detention Center currently houses approx. 280 prisoners. After the extension of the building, another 260 inmates can be accepted.


Client / Building Owner BLB NRW Aachen / Ms. Christiane Jansen
Architect Beusterin und Eschwe / Contact Person: Mr. Eschwe
Time of performance / construction period 2007-2010, 2010-2013
Asset groups Heating, Ventilation/AC, Sanitary Facilities, Measurement and Control Technology, Kitchen Technology
Phases of Construction LP2 - LP9
GFA 33.550 m²
Project Details

It was planned to extend the building with rooms for inmates who are serving a sentence and/or who are in pretrial detention. Additionally, two plant rooms and a garage were constructed. The minimal security area, the kitchen, the central heating room, the management, and the gym had been extended during day-to-day business. The Klett Engineer Corporation was instructed to plan a new measurement and control technology system, a new kitchen technology system, a new heating system, a ventilation and AC-system, and new sanitary facilities. All new and old buildings got a new connection to the district heating system and to the water supply system. The building is supplied with heat coming from a central boiler house which is upgraded in order to produce an additional amount of 1,8MW heat. Every new building gets underfloor heating according to ENEV standards. A buffer tank produces hot tap water with thermal disinfection coming from a central plant room. These buffer tanks are fed by solar heat. In order to meet ENEV-standards, solar heat is being used to supply the building.

After old lines had been shut down, a new water supply system was installed on the compound. In order to control inmates, individual barriers in the system were mounted in each correctional cell’s shaft. Corridors, special cells, all rooms facing the inner part of the building, and other special areas are equipped with a ventilation system. Individual correctional cells are ventilated by overflowing air from the corridors; exhaust air is pulled out of sanitary facilities. The central plant room, the kitchen, cells with maximum security and the correctional supervisors’ booths also have an AC-system in order to keep temperatures at a comfortable level in the summer. In a panoptic way, corridors stretch across multiple floors and are ventilated mechanically. The kitchen was supplied with a new cold storage room, new equipment, rooms for preparation, a dry storage room, a potato storage room, a bottle storage room, a storage room for waste and a scullery. A ventilated ceiling system is installed above the entire kitchen area. The entire compound got a new measurement and control technology system/BMS-system. Multiple data storage units are mounted in order to transmit information to a central control room.