Reconstruction of the Historic Chancellery for the Diocese of Dresden/Meissen

The Chancellery was first part of the Duke’s residence in Dresden and after being destroyed by the fire in WWII, the German Democratic Republic (“DDR”) authorized its demolition in 1962.


Client / Building Owner Bistum Dresden – Meißen / Ordinariats Rat Mr. Hübner
Architect Prof. Dr. Ing. Gerd Bürger
Time of performance / construction period 1996, 1997 – 1999
Asset groups Sanitary Facilities, Heating, Ventilation, AC, Control Technology, Electro-Technics, Elevators
Project Details

On behalf of the Diocese of Dresden/Meissen, the building was reconstructed. It meets functional and technical standards of the 20th Century, while keeping the historic and archeological significance of the building in mind.

Technical installation is integrated into the new residential/commercial building that is also used for (public) assemblies. Within all phases of reconstruction, it has to be considered that the chancellery is a historic landmark.


  • installation of a highly efficient ventilation system meeting noise insulation-requirements
  • BMS system in order to control all technical building services, installation of a control room
  • large telecommunication facilities
  • installation of two elevators for cars and people; lighting systems, that represent the Renaissance style, are installed in rooms in which public assemblies are held