Energy-based Renovation - Gym of Secondary School, Wuerselen

The gym of the Wuerselen Secondary School underwent an energy-based renovation regarding the trades of electro-technics, fire detection system, and PA-system.


Client / Building Owner Stadt Würselen / Mr. Kasnitz, Mr. Barbato
Architect PBS Architekten / Contact Person: Mr. Krings
Time of performance / construction period 2008, 2009-2010 (Completed)
Project Details

The promotional program run by the Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia included the renovation of the gym belonging to Wuerselen’s Secondary School. Sanitary Facilities, Heating, Ventilation, Electro-technics and a PA-system were part of the redevelopment.

Regarding sanitary facilities, the water supply system and its water meter were replaced. Hot tap water is produced by an installed buffer storage using solar energy. There are three areas in which 5 showers and 3 washstands are installed.

The gym is supplied by the existing district heating. Distributors are additionally installed, in order to integrate radiant ceiling panels into the gym. The rest of the rooms had previously been renovated.

The ventilation and air-conditioning system got fire dampers. The measurement and control technology system was adapted to the new system.

The entire gym was equipped with a T5-lighting system. Illuminance in the range of 300 up to 500 Lux can be adjusted manually. One part is realized as buried wiring, the other part is exposed.

Due to the fact that the gym will be used for events and performances as well, a security lighting system according to VDE 0100/718 and VDE 0108 standards is installed.

The gym is also equipped with a combined fire detection and PA system. The alarm can be triggered manually on exit doors. The PA-system is installed according to VDE 0833 standards.