Remodeling And Annex - Schering PG Weimar

The Schering PG manufacturing plant, located in Weimar, had been remodeled and extended.


Client / Building Owner Schering GmbH u. Co. Produktions KG - Dr. Peter Spillmann
Architect Koppenhoefer & Partner GmbH - Mr. Schulz, Mr. von Horn
Time of performance / construction period 2003, 2004 (Completed)
Asset groups Sanitary Facilities, Heating, Steam, Ventilation, Electro-Technics, Control System, Refrigeration Systems, Technical Gases, BMS, Ultrapure Water, Sprinkler System
Project Details

In order to modernize the manufacturing plant, a new production area (building element 7) was constructed; the renovation of the entrance area (building element 5), and the renovation of the logistics center were also part of the project. The area in which components are weighed and dispensed had been adapted to modern GMP standards. The project also included a sixth building element, the infrastructure, and outside facilities.

The building element 7 was a bid based on performance specifications; building elements 2, 5 and 6 were based on detailed implementation plans and on bids listing individual trades. Existing buildings had been remodeled.
Building Element 7 (new):

  • Solida-production (3.000 m²) and changing rooms (1.000 m²)
  • mechanical area: of 1.800 m² distributed on 2 new areas
  • Areas of Renovation:
    Building Element 2 (5.500 m²)
    Building Element 5 (2.100 m²)
    Building Element 6 (1.500 m²)