New Distribution And Service Center With Offices - STADA AG Weimar

A new distribution and service center with offices for the STADA AG, located in Bad Vibel, was constructed. The new building includes a high-bay racking, a storage for smaller components, space for block stacking with an integrated refrigeration storage, an area of order picking of incoming and outgoing articles, and a wing providing offices.


Client / Building Owner GJL Architekten - Mr. Juergen Loeffler
Time of performance / construction period 2006-2007, 2007-2008 (Completed)
Asset groups Heating, Sanitary Facilities, Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, Electro-Technics, Data, Measurement and Control System
Phases of Construction LP1 – LP4, LP6 up to LP8
GFA 9.900 m²
Project Details

The new distribution and service center for pharmaceutical includes:

  • a high-bay racking system for 25.900 pallets
  • an automized storage for smaller components
  • a cold storage with room for 420 pallets
  • an area of order picking of incoming and outgoing articles
  • a wing housing offices and rooms for management

Plans considering the installation of building services include:

  • sanitary facilities including a hydrant system and a compressed air system, ca. 370,000 €
  • sprinkler system including gaseous fire extinguishing system for server rooms, ca. 1.55 Mio. €
  • a heat supply system managing 1 MW including a liquid gas storage tank, ca.635,000 €
  • 4 big weatherproof facilities for ventilation and air-conditioning purposes installed on the roof and managing 182.500 m³/h, ca.1.1 Mio. €