Remodeling The Emergency Department - Charité University Medical Center

The remodeling of the emergency department and its entrance for the ambulance located in Luisenstrasse, Berlin, was performed as a building project of paramount importance in order to guarantee the hospital's efficiency.


Client / Building Owner Senate Management for Science and Research / Mr. Schmeling
Architect Schreiber. Egger Architekten
Time of performance / construction period 1998, 1999-2001
Asset groups Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Control System
Project Details

Emergency Department:

On a total area of 1.200 m2, a new entrance area with waiting rooms, office rooms, and medical treatment rooms ranging from 0, 1 to 2 in the scale of safety requirements for rooms in medical facilities were built. The outer area was provided with a new entrance for the ambulance.

Surgical Oriented Center ("COZ"):

In order to construct the other floors and to meet the standards of technical engineering, all previous layouts had to be considered. Preliminary plans were related to the following building measures in the phases 4 and 5 of the Surgical Oriented Center Charité:


  • Remodeling and upgrade of the emergency department with primary care (Level E 1, Westwing)
  • Construction of a new elevator through all levels (K 1 – E 7) in order to connect the helipad with the emergency rooms
  • Remodeling and renovation of operating rooms Level E3
  • Remodeling and renovation of operating rooms Level E4
  • Replacement of ventilation and air-conditioning system, as well as electrical supply (Level K 1 and E 5)
  • Construction of a new helipad