New Building Nursing Home - Ditzingen-Hirschlanden

A new building with a total area of 3,500m2 was planned for the nonprofit nursing home, Gerlingen Corporation.


Client / Building Owner Altenpflegezentrum Gerlingen GmbH - Mr. Brenner
Architect Baur Consult
Time of performance / construction period 2004, 2005 (Completed)
Asset groups Sanitary Facilities, Heating, Ventilation, Electro-Technics, Data Systems Technology
Phases of Construction LP1 – LP8
Project Details

A new building with a total area of 3,500 m was planned for the nonprofit nursing home, Gerlingen Corporation.
The star-shaped layout of the building has 3 floors. The nursing home offers 60 beds in two dwelling units that are located on the two top floors of the four wings of the building. Every four residential group (per dwelling unit) is connected to a common service and to local public infrastructure, and has its own private space in which all important facilities can be found.

It also offers 10 day care beds, a large scale kitchen and food delivery, central supply and disposal of waste, a cafeteria and the management, which are all located on the first floor of the wings of the building. The building has mono-pitch roofs that face each other, and that are separated by underlying flat roofs above the centered corridor. Residential rooms are equipped with massive wet rooms. They also have an emergency call and fire detection system. In a controlled ventilation system, incoming air is led into the room and exhaust air is conducted by sanitary facilities. Central ventilation appliances are installed in the attic.

Until we reached the third phase of construction, a heating unit using wood chips was planned (with a stock for 3 weeks). In the course of gaining more power from a CHP plant due to the cheaper local heat supply using domestic hot water (cut-off heat exchanger), the system was changed to using the local heat supply (peak power of wood chips unit ca. 300KW).