New Auditorium Center - University of Aachen

A new auditorium center with lecture halls, CIP computer and seminar rooms was built. This project included the trade of electro-technics, fire detection systems, a PA system, a lightning protection system, elevators and a building management system for the new building located in Professor-Pirlet-Strasse, Aachen.


Client / Building Owner BLB NRW; NL Aachen / Mr. Dahlhaus
Architect HHF Architekten
Time of performance / construction period 2009, 2011-2012 (Completed)
GFA 5.548.70m²
Project Details

The entire building was equipped with a lighting system of T5-standard which can be regulated in every seminar and CIP computer room, corridor and stairway via presence detectors. Lecture halls have a touch pad that is integrated in the “European Installation Bus” (EIB) system and allows for different lighting scenarios. The entire system is installed in a raised floor cable tray system that is shut within each compartmentalization by partitions in the floor.

Individual distributors that are centrally arranged in ducts on each floor manage the supply of electrical energy. Most of the other components such as sockets, RJ 45, and cable assemblies can be found in floor box outlets. Usual sockets and light switches are installed as wall switches in the fair-faced concrete. In order to plan installations, a ductwork plan was elaborated.

Regarding safety requirements, a dynamic safety lighting system, a fire detection system, and a PS system according to German VDE 0833-standard were installed. The lightning protection system fulfills standard II. In addition to using a building management system, a control system transfers every alert detected in technical installations.