New Auditorium Center - Aachen University

A new auditorium center with lecture halls and seminar rooms providing space for 4200 students was constructed. The new building, located in Classenstrasse (Aachen), also includes a new laboratory and a physics room.


Client / Building Owner BLB NRW AC / Ms. Nikola Herzberg
Architect schmidt / hammer / lassen architects
Time of performance / construction period 2009, 2012 + 2013 (Completed)
Project Details

The construction of a new auditorium center included sanitary facilities, sprinklers, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, electro-technics, fire detection systems, a PA system, a fire protection system, elevators, a measurement and control system, and a building management system. The entire building meets MVStaettV2005-standards. The program for expanding the Aachen University includes the construction of a new auditorium center. The building provides 11 lecture halls (with room for 200-1000 people) and 16 seminar rooms (with space for 40 students). It also houses a big recreational area with a cafeteria, a chemical laboratory and physics rooms. All three lecture halls are equipped with stages. The lighting system is adjustable to any purpose and will make recordings of meetings/lectures possible. The Chemistry Department gets a new laboratory.

The entire building is supplied with a new ventilation system managing an air volume of ca. 150.000m3/h. Lecture halls and seminar rooms are equipped with chilled ceilings and walls. A refrigerating system consisting of three machines is installed on the roof.

In order to heat the building, the system is connected to district heating pipes supplying the University. The system distributes heat to all radiators installed in lecture halls, seminar rooms and in the recreational area. It feeds the floor heating system as well as the ventilation system. The floor heating system is able to heat in winter and to cool in summer. The entire building is supplied with a lighting set-up that meets European Installation Bus-requirements (EIB standards) by using a T5 lighting system and LEDs. In order to provide different lighting scenarios, control panels are installed in each lecture hall; all the other rooms are equipped with presence detectors.

A security lighting system (3h), an emergency power supply system, a fire detection system, an alarm system according to 0833-standards, and a sprinkler system are part of the University’s security system. The lightning protection system was installed according to Class II lightning protection standards.
In order to guarantee accessibility, the building offers 4 elevators and 6 accessible restrooms. The measurement and control system, as well as the existing central building management system control technical installations and report possible errors. By connecting the building to the district heating system, ENEV-requirements are met. LED technology and a heat recovery system recycling 75% of the produced heat/cold, make this project challenging and innovative.