Remodeling and Renovation of the Leipzig University Campus

On Grimmaische Street, two new buildings for the cafeteria and the institute were built. The building that houses lecture rooms and the lecture hall of the Leipzig University were remodeled and renovated in five construction phases.


Client / Building Owner Staatsbetrieb Saechsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement Niederlassung Leipzig 2 / Ms. Loeser
Architect Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten / Contact Person: Mr. Bondzio
Time of performance / construction period 2000, 3.-5. Construction Phase 2001-2009 / 1.-2. Construction Phase 2001-2010 / 4. Construction Phase 2001-2011
Asset groups Building Automation System
Project Details

Since architectural fragments and pieces of art, protected by custodians of the University, are extremely valued, they had to be integrated into the University’s new design. The former area of St. Pauli’s Church was used to construct an assembly hall for the University that also qualifies for concerts, services, and other events. Developing a new building automation system meant to realize 25.000 points of interests in five construction phases. The University’s building automation system is installed on the third floor of the main building and is staffed 24/7. The building management system does not only control new buildings on Augustaplatz, but it also supervises eight further University buildings.