Office Building Ed.Zueblin AG Stuttgart

In order to extend the buildings „Zueblinhaus“ (Z1) and „Zueblin Zzwo“ (Z2), another office building „Z3“ is constructed on the compound of the Ed.Zueblin AG, located in Stuttgart-Moehringen.


Client / Building Owner Ed. Züblin AG Stuttgart / Mr. Markus Genswein
Architect MHM architecs Wien
Time of performance / construction period 2010, 2011-2012 (Completed)
Asset groups Heating, Sanitary Facilities, Ventilation And Air-Conditioning, Electro-technics (incl. heavy and weak current), Control Technology, Computer Engineering
Project Details

The building is supposed to have a parking lot in the basement and 5 over-ground levels. The first floor houses a data processing center with additional integrated space. The high quality of the building’s thermal envelope guarantees an efficient energetic concept and pleasurable temperatures. The concept of the building’s facade leads to a reduction of heating and air-conditioning loads which means that conventional AC-systems can be avoided to a large extent. The concept aims at using new and efficient technology in order to construct a zero-energy building of DGNB Gold Standard. The building houses offices and a data processing center on the first floor. The new office building is connected to the existing data processing center located in the adjacent building. Both data processing centers are equipped with water cooling systems and blade server technology. A new central AC and re-cooling system supplies both data processing centers.

Technical building services included the following features:

  • using tap water system for rain water inside the building for sanitary facilities and outside the building for watering the lawns
  • emergency cooling system EDV via main tap water line
  • oxygen reduction in data processing center
  • heating via efficient heat pumps that use waste heat of data processing center
  • heating is managed by integrated capillary tube systems in the ceilings; they are supplied by an independent system
  • room temperatures are adjustable to users
  • the waste heat of the data processing center is also used for heating purposes of the parking lot in order to avoid frost
  • the ventilation of the building is managed by a central ventilation unit with an efficient heat recovery system and adiabatic humidification of exhaust air
  • in rooms in which windows can be opened the ventilation system only manages heating and air-conditioning; at other times, fresh outside air is used for ventilation purposes
  • fresh air is pulled into the rooms via vents in partition walls of the corridors
  • the central AC and re-cooling system is primarily used for the data processing center
  • an emergency diesel generator of ca. 425 kVA is installed
  • features of electro-technics are installed in an EIB-system; LEDs are used for lighting purposes