Office Building And New Center For Information Management, University of Heidelberg

The Center for Information Management and the Management of the Heidelberg Medical Center got a new office building.


Client / Building Owner Universitätsbauamt Heidelberg / Ms. Walther
Architect Prof. Gerd Gassmann
Time of performance / construction period 2001-2004 (Completed)
Project Details

A new office building with a useful floor area of 4.200m2 was built on the campus called “Im Neuenheimer Feld”. The basement of one wing houses the data processing center belonging to the new Center for Information Management.

The building has a triple-loaded corridor system and a central hall in the south; the northern part of the building houses rooms as well as sanitary facilities, rooms equipped with photocopiers, and recreational areas. The center of the building is well lit by a glass ceiling and a glass stairwell on the narrow side of the building. The east and west wing of the building house office and management rooms.  

The new building is connected to existing underground lines and pipes.

  • east and west wing with (L x B) ca. 70,90m x 6,60m
  • height of parapet ca. 18,70m at +/- 0,00
  • hall measurement ca. 56,00m x 5,50m
  • height of roof/glass ceiling ca. 22,00m

All floors have a height of ca. 3,20m, the height of the first floor is about 4,80m; the northern wing of the building has two intermediate stories (1 and 2). The area of the first floor has a partial basement.

The first intermediate story has a crawl space housing the technical infrastructure of the building (supply and disposal lines).

The entrance hall is supplied with fresh air by pulling it into the building. It is being tempered when passing through the underground line (1,30m; length: 69,00m).