New Building: OFD Cafeteria

An extraordinary energy concept was designed for the new OFD –Cafeteria, located in the center of Stuttgart.


Client / Building Owner Land Baden-Wuerttemberg, represented by the "Staatliches Vermoegens- und Hochbauamt Stuttgart
Architect Staatliches Vermoegens- und Hochbauamt Stuttgart, Contact Person: Mr. Fischer
Time of performance / construction period 1998 - 2001 (Completed)
Costs Technical Building Services/ Volume 6,8 Mio. DM
Project Details

An extraordinary energy concept was designed for the new OFD Cafeteria, located in the center of Stuttgart. In the summer, the cafeteria pulls fresh air into the building by an underground line of 75m because of the building’s lightweight mode of construction and its solar energy production that cannot come up with the calculated amount of guests. Tempered air is pulled into the building which means that high temperatures can be avoided during rush hours. During the night, fresh air is pulled into the building by the underground line for cooling purposes. The underground line guarantees great comfort inside the building regarding inside temperatures which could not be reached by using conventional AC-devices. Using the waste heat coming from the adjacent data processing center is part of the building’s modern energy concept. Waste heat is not usually meant to be used but modern technology manages to turn waste heat into a great way of heating the cafeteria. 

Additionally, fairfaced concrete is used to store energy more efficiently. This effect is well-known from old castles and churches whose chilled air is of great comfort in the summer. Fairfaced concrete minimizes the dependent relation between inside and outside temperatures. Thermal mass leads to an inert flow of temperatures during changes of energetic flows inside and outside the room. Innovative technology does not have to be complex; at the beginning of any project, architects and engineers need to work in a team in order to develop an integrated planning process whose innovative solutions guarantee great comfort and a reduction of the overall energy use.