Hamburg Port - Kaiserkai Construction Site 14

A new administration and office building with a total area of 11.000m2 was constructed in Hamburg. The building houses offices and a two-story underground parking garage with 51 parking lots.


Client / Building Owner Garbe Group / Mr. Nunnemann
Time of performance / construction period 2005, 2008 (Completed)
Asset groups Sanitary Facilities, Heating, Ventilation, AC, Elcetro-technics
Costs Technical Building Services/ Volume 2.5 Mio. €
GFA 6.000 m²
Project Details

Underground areas are used for storing purposes and for housing machines. The building has a 5-story east wing and a seven-story main building with a flat roof. The building is constructed adjacent to the new Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra facing the Elbe River. The two uppermost levels facing the river have large offices and meeting rooms. Supply shafts are split up into three areas allowing for great versatility considering the technical installation. A geothermal heat pump is installed in order to produce cold water. The re-cooling process takes place inside the underground area. In winter, stored waste heat is used to heat the building.

The building is equipped with:

  • exterior sunblinds
  • raised floors in all overground floors in order to house the installation
  • concrete core cooling and limited heating

Radiators are installed according to the grids; underground convectors for heating and cooling purposes