Fundamental Redevelopment of the Federally-Owned Property

In 2001, the entire control technology of the federally-owned property was replaced. The property, located in Heinemannstrasse 2-10 in Bonn, was also equipped with modern technical building services.


Client / Building Owner Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR) / Mr. Trautmann (Dipl.-Ing.), Mr. Wißmann (Dipl.-Ing.)
Time of performance / construction period 1999, 2004-2010 (Completed)
Asset groups Sanitary Facilities, Heating, Ventilation, AC incl. Insulation and Fire Protection, BMS, Measurement and Control Systems
Project Details

In both of these different projects, the following features are included:

  • new user requirements
  • energy security/security of energy supply
  • renewable energy supply
  • considering environmental pollution and operation management
  • technical building services are included in a BMS-system according to "Wonderware"-standards; plans are made according to calculations of current and target states


Old technical systems are replaced by more efficient ones. New energetic concepts were designed according to which the high-rise buildings A1 and A2 are not fully being air-conditioned. The use of cooling and heating surfaces in the ceiling leads to a more efficient and future-oriented way of conditioning the building. The supply is managed by water coming from an existing well. Due to the use of insulated surfaces on the façade according to ENEV-standards, the overall energy use of the property is reduced by 50%. The new BMS-system manages approx. 12.000 data points. The building project was split up into three major construction phases. A great part of the employees working for the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research were relocated to Berlin; approx. 700 employees of the Federal Ministry had been working during the redevelopment.

The replacement of the old measurement and control technology, as well as the BMS-system including the installation of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary facilities has almost been completed. The project run by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning was completed in 2010.

Separate air-conditioning systems were joined into a single AC-unit. It can produce an output of 1,5 MW. The used cooling power coming from the well is 1,4MW. Additionally, a total amount of 5,4 MW of heat can be produced.